Well we are located in Istanbul Turkey. We are in web projects since 1996. We are mostly on focusing for web services in order to support online users. Our head office and main projects are designed by founder Kagan OMAY who is multi talented from water polo profession to acting to real estate profession and more and more  diverse activities who is educated from Bogazici University for Philosophy Graduate licence. If you are willing to make invesments or take a role in our organization feel free to contact us.

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If you want to buy this machine our whatsapp is +90 533 611 9447

Eğer bu makineden sipariş vermek isterseniz irtibat numaramız: 0542 416 32 99 

İrtibat : 0212 485 65 54 www.elmes.com.tr


Time to time we make also barters. Our whatsapp is +90 533 611 9447

Well we need hotels which is obvious. Well if you are retired and working at home, why don't you help us. Our whats app is +90 533 611 9447. Feel free to write us. We can arrange all details.

If you have a hotel in any where of the world

 or New York or manager of New York City hotel contact us immediately.

+90 532 400 88 88

Kagan OMAY

We are open for barter and we can advertise you in the return of few days staying OR (JUST 1usd per month! This is valid until 2018 May 6) 


For contact feel free to us my whatsapp +90 532 400 88 88